Michael Bloomberg pledges Black progress, trailing by double digits in new Texas poll

A month out from the critical Super Tuesday election and there and fresh poll numbers indicating a tight battle in the delegate-rich Texas Democratic presidential primary.

The well regarded, non-partisan Texas Lyceum poll has former Vice President Joe Biden leading the pack with 28 percent followed closely by Senator Bernie Sanders with 26 percent of the state's likely Democratic votes.

Trailing the two leaders are Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren with 13 percent and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg with 9 percent.

The billionaire-turned-politician appeared in Houston Wednesday looking to attract voters at the "Future of Black America" symposium.

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"Let’s ensure that more Black families live the American dream. Let’s protect more Black communities from the scourge of gun violence and let’s create a future for Black America where race and wealth are no longer related," said Bloomberg.

The Lyceum poll found that 52 percent of respondents disapproved of President Trump's performance while 47 percent approved.

The poll also indicates Governor Greg Abbott continues to be held in high regard with a 63 percent approval rate, including a positive assessment from better than four in ten Texas Democrats surveyed.