Men banned from gun range for selfies with gun

Luckily for the two men seen in the range security camera, the only things that got hurt that day was their egos.

"It makes your heart sink when you see that video. You think it's going to turn out much worse than it did. Luckily, we have good staff that took care of that quickly," says Kyle Harrison with Top Gun Range.

Harrison says the two men came in last Friday to do a little shooting.

“These guys already had enough experience, but they needed more training,” he says.

That’s an understatement. The guy on the right side of the screen has his finger on the trigger as he points the gun down the firing line to take a selfie. That's a big mistake. Then he makes an even bigger one, he points it directly at his friend's face.

There are four basic rules of firearms safety that are pretty simple and common sense. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Don’t point it at anything you don’t want to destroy. Know your target and what's beyond it. Treat every gun likes it's loaded.

He broke every one of those rules. Someone could’ve died, but instead the range officer pounced. He pushed the gun in a safe direction, made it safe and showed them the door. Top Gun posted the video of the incident as a learning tool.

"It originally got posted on Facebook and it got picked up by everyone," Harrison says. "I've seen it all over Instagram. It was apparently on a news station in Australia that picked it up."

The range has banned them for life, and considering the video has over 10 million views so far, it's unlikely they'd shows their faces around here again anyway.