McDonald's gives Rapper Travis Scott his own meal

In an effort to boost their leeway with Millennial and Gen Z consumers, McDonald’s kicked off a month-long campaign featuring Travis Scott’s favorites McDonald’s food to eat. 

Missouri City’s own Scott making one of his biggest moves yet, partnering up with McDonald’s for his very own meal. The Travis Scott meal debuted today at participating McDonald’s and his fans are loving it!  According to McDonald’s, a campaign had not been done with a celebrity since 1992, when the legendary Michael Jordan introduced the McJordan burger.


The Travis Scott combo meal includes a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, medium fries with barbecue dipping sauce, and a sprite.

Charities will be supported through the sale of the meal but details have not been released as to which ones.

He also plans to get the McDonald’s crew excited for the campaign by providing uniforms designed by him.

McDonald’s will also be partnering with other celebrities down the line, we’re just happy he started with one of our own. The Travis Scott meal is $6 plus tax & will be available for thru Oct 4th.