Masked robbers flee with rifles from Pearland pawn shop

Police say a group of masked thieves robbed a Pearland pawn shop in broad daylight and took off with a haul of weapons. Four suspects were taken into custody, but police are still looking for one more.

Police say the five robbers that entered a pawn shop on East Broadway were armed, all wearing masks, and after the suspects grabbed several rifles, they took off in a white Ford F-150 and drove west.

According to authorities, a patrol officer that was looking for the suspects came upon them in the parking lot of a church located on the 3000 block of Host, right as they were transferring the rifles from a pickup truck to a getaway vehicle. Police say when they saw the officer, all five suspects took off on foot.

“They fled the scene, came up here to where they had a getaway car parked. As they were in the process of the transferring the stolen guns into the car, one of the patrol officers rolled up on them. Seeing the officer, they all started running and scattered at that point. We were able to take one into custody by the car and then later took two more into custody,” said Lt. Onesimo Lopez.

A fourth suspect was taken into custody this afternoon, and police are still searching for a fifth suspect. Pearland PD is patrolling the area. They have a perimeter set up around the Woodcreek subdivision.

There was an officer that was injured earlier during the arrest of the three suspects. He was bitten accidentally by a canine but is expected to be okay.