Man who killed Euless officer was high on meth during shooting, family said

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The man who fatally shot a Euless police officer has an extensive criminal history and was high on methamphetamine on Tuesday, according to his family.

Jorge Brian Gonzalez, 22, had been to jail multiple times since 2011, including assault and terrorist threats. Gonzalez’s family told FOX4 on Wednesday that he was high on “ice” and was in the Euless jail as recently as Monday.

Jennifer Gonzalez, 17, was Brian's sister and she said previously police had held Brian in jail for longer period of times when he was high on drugs. She and her father told FOX4 they wished he had been held longer.

Brian Gonzalez was released from jail about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday and a short time later burglarized a home across from the park. During the burglary he found multiple weapons and took them across the street to the park where he began randomly firing. That triggered a 911 call.

Police said Brian Gonzalez then went and hid in a drainage ditch that was below ground. When officers arrived, Hofer saw movement in the ditch and called out. At that point, Brian opened fire, killing Hofer. Brian Gonzalez was also killed when police return fire.

Jennifer Gonzalez said that Hofer had visited the home where she, her brother and her father had lived when Brian was having problems. She said the family thought Hofer was a nice man and they were stunned and heartbroken when they heard he was the officer Brian had killed.

"My dad said that officer was the best. He was a really good person," Jennifer said. "He just admired him as a cop."

Part of Brian Gonzalez’s rap sheet includes: a July 2011 theft charge, an Aug. 2011 aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge that was reduced to a misdemeanor assault charge on a guilty plea; two terrorist threat charges in Summer 2015.