Man walking across America to raise awareness on drug addiction

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A man is showing his undying love for his late sister by making a journey across America.

Brett Bramble is walking across the country with his dog by his side to honor of his sister Brittany Bramble-McNatt, a mother of three who died two years ago from a heroin overdose.

This 31-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia is trying to raise awareness of drug addiction while sharing his sister’s story.

“She started using heroin a month or two before she died,” Bramble said. “My sister was the closest person in the world to me. Some people thought we were twins.”

Bramble started his 3,200-mile journey on March 13 in Delaware. He plans to finish his trip by October or November in San Francisco.

“I think of my sister every day,” said Bramble. “There is not one day that goes by that I don’t miss her.”

On Friday, Bramble traveled from Berryville to Winchester in Virginia.

“Since I’ve started this walk, everybody I talk to tell me that I’m glad you’re walking through this area because it’s such a bad area,” he said. “That started in the beach in Delaware, through Maryland, through D.C., over the mountains into Virginia. This is affecting everywhere. This is affecting your neighborhood.”

Even though his sister is gone, he hopes that his message will be able to save the lives of others.

“I want people to know how many people are dying of drug overdose deaths in this country,” he said. “It’s not just heroin. It’s drug overdoses everywhere. It’s more than 130 people a day. That’s a lot of families hurting. That’s a lot of people dying.

“I want people to know that. I want it stopped. I want to reach a tipping point. I don’t know how. I’m lost. I don’t know how. I’m just trying to walk the walk.”

So far, Bramble has had a lot of positive feedback about his cross-country journey.

“I’ve had people that are struggling with addiction contact me and tell me that I am motivating them to stay clean and sober,” he said. “I had no idea that would happen. I had no idea I would be that impactful on somebody.”

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