Man sentenced to 50 years in prison for fatally stabbing ex-girlfriend in Humble

A Louisiana man has been sentenced after fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend at her apartment in Humble in 2022.

Wesley Guillard, 48, pleaded guilty to murder in exchange for 50 years in prison for killing Dannetrica Annette Green,36, on Feb. 20, 2022.


Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg says he must serve at least half the time before he is eligible for parole and cannot appeal the conviction or the sentence.

"Domestic violence is about control and manipulation, and when this man couldn't control and manipulate the situation any longer, the violence escalated to murder," Ogg said. "This was a premeditated and planned ambush, and he absolutely deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars."

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Authorities say Guillard killed Green at the 9300 block of FM in the apartment he shared with her two daughters. 

Guillard and Green dated for about eight months, and he lived at the apartment for about a month before they broke up, according to a Harris County District Attorney press release.

Reportedly, he entered Green's apartment while her daughters were asleep and waited for her to return home while she was at a club with her female best friend on the night she was killed.


Guillard attacked Green with a knife when she went into her bedroom to change clothes after returning home.

When the attack began, her best friend tried to help before waking Green's daughters to get away. Instead, the girls tried to stop the attack on their mother.

Guillard chased the best friend and daughters with the knife before running from the scene, according to authorities.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's deputies said Green was unresponsive when they responded to a call about an assault in progress.