Salvation Army in Houston burglarized, man stole more than $45K in equipment for kids

The Salvation Army, an organization that provides so much during the Christmas season, became the victim of a crime on Friday morning.

The organization located in northwest Houston was devastated when they realized they were burglarized. A man was seen on surveillance taking items worth more than $45,000, just in time for the holidays

"It’s heartbreaking. We exist to serve God and to serve people," says Captian Nick Hutchinson, Core Officer for the Salvation Army.

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The security footage of the building shows that around 1:30 a.m. a man used a fire extinguisher to break the door to their Northwest Community Care Center at 12507 Windfern Road which also serves as a Boys and Girls Club. The man then spent the next few hours taking whatever he wanted.

(Photo Credit to Salvation Army Houston)

"He stole video games that the kids use to play after school. He stole a bicycle the kids use to ride around behind the building in our field. It really affects how safe the kids feel and if affects their ability to enjoy those things that kids like to enjoy," Hutchinson says.

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He also took one of their passenger vans on his way out.

"We use that big van that was stolen to go around to take our bell ringers out to collect donations. We use that big van to go out and pick up angel tree gifts. We’re providing Christmas to 1,700 kids this year. That’s just this location, not all of Houston."

They believe this man showed up previously asking for help, but they never got his name.

"We are praying that this man will get convicted by God and just turn the stuff back in."

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So far, the van has yet to be recovered and no arrests have been made.

Captain Hutchinson remains hopeful that the Harris County Constable's Office will bring justice to their organization.

If you wish to help, the Salvation Army is requesting donations which can be made through their website here.