Man arrested in connection with robbery, kidnapping his former roommate

The Houston Police Department have made an arrest after his former roommates allegedly robbed and kidnapped him. 

According to authorities, 29-year-old Joshua DeLoach, was wanted for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and aggravated kidnapping.

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Joshua DeLoach

FOX 26 spoke with the victim in the incident who said there wasn't any issues between the two of them. 

"Me and him had no animosity," said Justin Iwuji. "We never fought. We never argued. He had been living with me over a year."


Iwuji says the two had been friends for a few years. However, Deloach recently had missed some rent payments. According to Iwuji, Deloach was going to move-out on May 8, the day of the incident.

Surveillance video from inside the home captured the incident. The homeowner can be heard asking the gunman what’s wrong.

Eventually, Iwuji says his roommate had him tied-up to a chair in a shower. Iwuji says he feared for his life.

"He says something along the lines of, any last words? Or, what do you have to say for yourself," recalled Iwuji. "He also had a pillow in his hand, as if he’s going to shoot through the pillow to silence the gun. At some point he asked me, do you want to do this here, or do you want to gamble?  I said gamble."


"Deloach then forced Iwuji into the rear cargo area of his own vehicle and bound his hands and feet," said a spokesperson from HPD in a written statement. "Deloach eventually parked the vehicle several miles from the location and instructed him not to move. After several minutes, Iwuji managed to exit the vehicle and flagged down a witness for assistance."

The car was located in Cypress, more than 30 miles from his home near downtown Houston.

No bond has been set for DeLoach yet as he hasn't appeared in probable cause court yet.