Diamond Alvarez trial: Man accused of shooting 16-year-old girl 22 times no-show for murder trial

A no-call, no-show, for a murder trial. It’s worst thing Anna Machado could imagine happening Monday. 

"It's torture. It's just torture, it's painful. All I'm asking is justice for my daughter."

Her daughter, Diamond Alvarez, was gunned down last year while walking her dog in Southwest Houston. She was only 16-years-old. 

Police say Alvarez was shot 22 times in the back. They say her former boyfriend, Frank Deleon, was the shooter.

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"The way I seen my daughter laying there, in a puddle of blood... she died in my arms," said Machado. 

Deleon was 17 at the time he was charged with murder in the case. He made his $250,000 bond and has been out of jail awaiting trial ever since. 

"It's unbelievable, he shouldn’t have been out on bond to begin with," said Blanca Mejia, Alvarez’s aunt. 

Deleon’s defense attorney told the court that he was in an accident on the way to the courthouse. A judge revoked Deleon’s bond and put a warrant out for his arrest. A court document says that, "Mr. Deleon is not charging his device [ankle monitor] as instructed and his GPS device is currently on No GPS-No cell." 

It went on to say when they tried to call Deleon Monday morning, "his mother answered and stated she was taking Deleon to the hospital."

The document goes on to say that, "Due to the device being on No GPS-No cell, [the court] cannot verify Deleon’s location."

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For hours, Alvarez’s family wondered if this accused killer, was on the run. 

"It’s only fair that he confronts and faces his consequences. It's only fair. Man up. Man up," said Mejia. 

Later in the day, the district attorney’s office confirmed that Deleon was in custody at a hospital. Court records now show that Deleon is back in jail.


Alvarez’s family says they want Deleon’s bond completely revoked.

They tell us that they recently found out that Deleon was abusing Alvarez throughout their relationship. Information they didn’t know before the murder. 

Deleon is alleged to have killed Alvarez after they broke up. 

If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic violence, you can call 800-799-7233 any time to get help. 

Deleon is expected back in court Tuesday.