Low-income families struggle to get internet service for kids to learn online

Low-income families are struggling to get internet service so their kids can keep up in school through online learning.

Bobbie Romero has six kids and number seven on the way.

"My oldest is 11 and then nine, seven, five, and then a 2-year-old and a 3-month-old," she said.

Romero doesn't want her three school-age children to fall behind.

"I don't have internet access, all I have is through my phone company," said Romero.

"Our focus on education has been online learning and so what we see for a lot of these families they may have a smartphone with a limited data plan, but for them to do all day online learning is very tough," said Dr. Bob Sanborn President and CEO of Children At Risk.

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While most parents struggle with continuing their children's education through a pandemic, it's even harder when you can't afford home computers or internet service.

"These parents have never had to do anything like this at all so we know for all of us who've done it before, the stress is intense but for these families, it's especially tough," said Sanborn.

Romero says she heard about a cable company offering free internet but says she was told she didn't qualify because of disconnections in the past. She says she knows how important an education is for her kids, she's just at a loss on how to provide it.

"Without learning, how are they going to make it to the next level?" Romero said. "If they can't do their lessons online, are they going to have to repeat this grade again? I don't understand it," she said.

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