Love triange ends in 2 deaths

Harris County Sheriffs office say a young male was shot dead outside of his home in Katy, and they say it all stemmed around the fact the two men involved were dating the same girl.

Exclusive surveillance video of the shooting that happened at the 9200 block of Katy Briar. Shows the gunshots being fired.

Harris County Sheriffs office says a 17 year old boy fired the shots heard on the exclusive surveillance video from the 9200 block of Katy Briar, at a 25 year old male who was allegedly dating his ex-girlfriend.

They tell us the shooter fled the scene, then told his mother what he had done.

She drove him directly to the Clay Rd Harris County Sheriff’s jail.

Officers say they approached the vehicle and the mother explained what had happened.

When the young man admitted to what his mother had said the officer ordered the man out of the car.

As he opened the door, the man pulled out a gun and shot himself. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

We did try to speak to the family at the Katy Briar residence, but they declined to comment on the situation. Harris County Sheriff’s office is still investigating at this time.