Louisiana Cajun Navy heads back home to prepare for Gordon

With Tropical Storm Gordon expected to make landfall Tuesday in the Mississippi Valley, the Louisiana Cajun Navy are en route to a staging area in New Orleans.

The LA Cajun Navy made its Houston-area headquarters in Galveston, and to this day they are still helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey get back on their feet. Now, they may need the favor returned as they head home to prepare for the storm.

"Our first headquarters is there, so we have to, of course, defend the homeland first,” says LA Cajun Navy CEO Clyde Kain

The men started preparations last week, gathering supplies and equipment. 

“Preparing for the worst, praying for the best at this point. Just prepared for everything, you know. We’ve got safety supplies, we’ve got food, water, drinks, boats, ready to go out in that case of an emergency. So we’re just here to help,“ says volunteer Michael “Sharky” Marquez.

The Louisiana Cajun Navy helped over 5,000 people during hurricane Harvey. Now the men who called the Houston-area a temporary second home are bringing back with them others who were affected by Harvey to help. 

“It feels great. You know this is what we’re doing, we’re just, we’re not doing anything new. It’s neighbors helping neighbors, you know. You love your neighbor as you love yourself, so is just infectious,“ says Kain.

Click here for more information on how you can volunteer with the Louisiana Cajun Navy.