Local residents live without hot water

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A Houston community has been going weeks without hot water. Several residents tell FOX 26 they have to bathe in the water they boil on their stove.

The apartment management group, Fat Property Management, said they just took over Garden Oaks Apartments four few months ago and it wasn’t until recently that they are getting around to the hot water issue.

“Please give us some hot water on a daily basis,” said resident Geral Hackett. “Don’t give us hot water for two days and then ten days cold water, then one day hot water, then three days cold water. Make it consistent that we have hot water.”

Geral Hackett has lived at Garden Oaks in southeast Houston for several years and said her community has never consistently had hot water. Other residents are in the same position.

“Some days we’ll have it and some days we won’t,” said Brenda Rambo, another resident. “And then he wrote me a letter saying I had to pay a water bill, and then he gives me a late charge and we still didn’t have water.”

We reached out to Fat Property Management who took over this apartment complex four months ago and they said they had a plumber fix the hot water issue on Saturday, but still, residents say  it’s on and off. Some residents who have children are concerned for their kids who they have to bathe with a rag they dip in the water they boil on the stove.

Fat Property’s President Cody Lutch said they knocked on every resident’s door on Monday and plan to make sure all of the needs of each resident are met as soon as possible.