Local man opens up about dealing with rare skin disorder, just like Ja'bari Gray

Victor Quiroz from Houston is sharing his story about living with a rare skin disorder, the same one that doctors are testing 3-month-old Ja'bari Gray for.

The 23-year-old has epidermolysis bullosa (EB) and it causes skin to be very fragile and blister very easily. He’s the second person we've talked to in the Houston area with this skin disorder in just the last couple of days.

He, like the other family, wanted to share his story to help raise awareness about the disorder and encourage Ja'bari’s family.

He is open about the journey with EB, but he says it’s not easy.

He now has a nurse that comes to see him everyday to change his bandages, but he credits his family for his will to live a normal life. Quiroz is a graphic artist, a gamer, and a shoe collector. He says just because he can’t do things the way others can, doesn’t mean he can’t adapt.

"I can’t change and nobody else is going to change it, so I'd just rather live my life as a normal person and be happy and do the things I love and that really what motivates me to keep going," says Quiroz. "Especially meeting new people that actually have EB, sharing our life stories and stuff like that, it just makes you a stronger person."

Quiroz says the first person he actually met with EB was his girlfriend. She recently passed away, but their love story is like a fairytale.