Local CEO back from Poland after giving 15,000 donated rosaries to Ukrainian refugees

It all started with one rosary given to Bob Unanue, President and CEO of Goya Foods. It was a gift from a viewer who saw him on FOX and Friends talking about sending food to 2 million Ukrainian refugees. A million of them are children.

"We were asked, do me a favor, take 15,000 rosaries to the people of Ukraine, OK?" Unanue said.

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Unanue and five others arrived in Poland with the rosaries and no idea what to do next.

Then they hear how the Knights of Columbus were trying to get their hands on rosaries.

"They partnered with some Green Berets, ex-Green Berets. They go in, they take these rosaries in, they take food and medical supplies. Their mission then is to extract children," said Unanue. "Let me tell you right now what's exploding on the border, what's exploding in some of these cities, is trafficking, exploitation of women and children."


Keep in mind all Ukrainian men 18 to 65 are fighting for their country, so the refugees are mainly women and children.

One woman and her 5-year-old son left an indelible mark on the company president.

"What we're the final words you said to each other when you parted? We asked. 

"She said, my husband said to me, love and protect your child, our child, and I will defend him and protect our country," Unanue said. "To me, that just sums it up right there, because that's our mission to love and protect our children."

The donated rosaries just keep coming as there are already another 15,000 of them.