One single rosary leads to massive effort to feed, help Ukraine refugees

Bob Unanue, CEO and President of Goya Foods Inc. was on Fox and Friends to discuss how his company was sending food to two million Ukrainian refugees, a million of them children.

"During the interview, I mentioned as a country we're moving away from God. We're justifying the abuse and exploitation of our children," Unanue said.

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A viewer, Shannon Hasse from San Antonio, reached out to Unanue asking if she could send him a rosary. The Goya company President said of course.

"One rosary turned into hundreds, turned into thousands, and she also called us to request can we get these rosaries to the people of Ukraine," said Unanue.

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What began as a mission to feed the hungry for Goya Foods and Global Empowerment Mission is now so much more. It's also about feeding the soul.

"Every rosary here is different, there's rope rosaries, bead rosaries," Unanue said. "It's the gift of faith, prayer, and love that is going to move and impact our world. It's the only way we are going to survive this."

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In addition to all the rosaries, a print of the Virgin of Guadalupe is also on its way to Ukraine.

"This comes from humility and incredible people and that is just so powerful," said Unanue. "That's more powerful than the biggest country or biggest business in the world."