Local attorney loses license; clients lose money, relatives to deportation

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Maria Arroyo says she lost more than money to ex-attorney Jose Vega. She blames him for her husband being deported.

“He’s a scum bag,” Arroyo said.

Arroyo is not the only one who feels that way about Jose Vega. According to court documents, 36 of his clients filed complaints against him with the State Bar of Texas.

“We call him and his secretary puts us on hold,” said Arroyo.

A complaint echoed in most of the state bar grievances against Vega. Several clients say not only did Vega ignore their calls they say he filed nothing in court and loved ones ended up being deported.

“I showed up to the office unannounced and she was surprised to see me,” Arroyo said. “”She said they had moved because they needed a bigger space.”

What she wasn’t told Arroyo says is Vega lost his law license on February the 16th. Six days before her surprise visit to his southwest side office.

A couple of hours after calling Jose Vega, we too showed up at his office. Just seconds after I knocked on the door, guess who called? Jose Vega.

First he said he was in New York but then said he was in Louisiana. Getting a straight answer out of Vega was difficult. He basically said none of this was his fault but does admit he shouldn’t have ignored the state bar complaints.

He resigned his law license in lieu of being disbarred.

If you hired Vega and believe he owes you money call 1-800-204-1350.