Lawsuit accuses city of Houston of trying to bulldoze and steal from historic churches

According to the lawsuit the city of Houston and the Houston Housing Authority wants to bulldoze the Christian Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church and condemn property belonging to the Latter Day Deliverance Revival Center.


To make money by using it for private business, the lawsuit alleges.

“That’s totally against the law,” said attorney Hiram Sasser.

And despicable Sasser says.

“I think the Houston Housing Authority should be ashamed of themselves for stealing a church that’s been part of holding this community together for decades,” Sasser said.

The churches are in Houston’s fifth ward a neighborhood Texas Monthly described in 1979 as “Texas’ toughest proudest baddest ghetto.”

“They didn’t start shooting till midnight,” said Bishop Roy Lee Kossie.

Church leaders and parishioners didn’t let the violence and mayhem stop them from saving souls and they say they are not going to let the city stop them now.

“They’re trying to use this property to make money,” said Sasser.

Something the churches don’t have.

“It’s poured all of its resources into the community it doesn’t have the resources to fight city hall,” Sasser said.

“That’s why attorneys with the Liberty Institute are representing the churches at no charge.

The message the churches want to send to the city and it’s housing authority?

“This church this community and this neighborhood are not for sale,” Sasser said.