Lawsuit accuses area dentist of performing expensive, unnecessary dental work on teen

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“As a parent you’re here to protect your children obviously and I feel like I didn’t do that,” said Mark Deel.

In March of last year Deel says he took his son Noah, who was 14 at the time, to League City dentist Dr. Amanda Hoover for a routine check-up.

According to the lawsuit the family has filed against Hoover, Noah had a cavity and Hoover said she would fill it for $300 the following week.

“I’ve had cavities in the past so it’s just a normal thing for me,” said Noah Deel.

“I was always offered some kind of alcohol, a wine, or margarita,” said Mark Deel. “I never took it but I was always offered it.”

The lawsuit claims Dr. Hover told Deel the cavity was too deep and they might have to put a crown on it.

“And the two teeth adjacent to it are weak and we need to put crowns on them,” said attorney Jim Moriarty.

In all, Deel says the dentist told him his young son would need 6 crowns.

“When the receptionist came back and said $6,000, I was like 'oh my gosh',” Deel said.

“Adding insult to injury, after they pay $6,000, unbeknownst to them, the dentist submits a claim to the insurance company for the same $6,000 they’ve already been paid,” Moriarty said.

After she had a blister on her gum Noah’s mom Lisa went to see Dr. Hoover.

“Told her that the bone was infected that two teeth had to be replaced with implants and they needed to do it right away,” Deel said.

Deel says Hoover’s office told her that would cost $10,000.

When they went for a second opinion that dentist, Deel says, found no infection or anything wrong  with Lisa’s bone.

That dentist also took a look at the dental work done on Noah, Deel says and told him this.

“All these crowns are wrong they have to be redone and I can’t believe a dentist put 6 crowns on a kid at one time,” Deel said.

“He told me I didn’t need crowns, and I’m going to have to have a root canal, and all the crowns will have to be taken off through my life,” Noah Deel said. “It breaks my heart that my parents had to pay all that money and go through all this stuff just for me.”

When we went to Dr. Hoover’s League City office for response we were referred to her attorney Greg Myers who told us the lawsuit has no merit.

Myers says the treatment provided to Noah by Dr. Hoover was indicated and performed competently with full informed consent.

Myers says they look forward to defending these meritless allegations.