What's new since Houston Rockets clutched a championship nearly 3 decades ago?

Basketball: NBA Finals: NBA commissioner David Stern and NBC announcer Bob Costas with Houston Rockets players victorious during trophy presentation after winning Game 4 and championship series vs Orlando Magic at The Summit. Houston, TX 6/14/1995 CR

Houston is a city filled with notable professional sports teams. The Houston Astros, Houston Texans, Houston Rockets, Houston Dynamo, and Houston Dash.

The Houston Rockets were able to secure their first NBA Final championship title in 1994 against the New York Knicks. The team followed the win up by clutching another title the next year in 1995 against the Orlando Magic.

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That matchup saw centers, Hall of Fame star Hakeem Olajuwon, aka "The Dream" and the big-man, four-time NBA champion Shaquille O'Neal, go head-to-head.

However, it's been 27 years since that NBA Finals game where the Rockets kept their title with a sweep and technological advancements have come a long way since 1995. Even in the months following the championship win, Javascript and DVDs were invented.

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So the question we ask is what has been invented ever since the Houston Rockets won an NBA Final Championship?