Last day of Texas legislative session; special session likely

Monday is the last day of the Texas legislative session, but a special session is likely after Governor Greg Abbott’s top priority of school choice failed to pass.

State lawmakers spent Sunday pushing through last-minute bills now headed to Governor Greg Abbott's desk. 

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One bill will allow courts to remove district attorneys from office who refuse to pursue cases for certain crimes. If a prosecutor is removed, the governor would appoint their successor until the next election.

Another bill would charge performers and businesses who put on sexually explicit shows in front of children. The bill was originally aimed at banning minors from attending certain drag shows, but lawmakers agreed the bill's language was vague.

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Another bill bans diversity, equity, and inclusion programs from public universities.

Texas lawmakers did not reach a compromise on a school funding bill, which means no teacher raises. House Bill 100 originally included things like enrollment-based funding for school districts and pay raises for teachers. But at the last minute, the Senate added Abbott's controversial school choice plan.

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The bill's failure means that districts won't get funding to raise teachers' salaries or balance their budgets.

The governor has said he would call a special session to get school vouchers passed.