Laser light zaps teeth whiter than ever

Selfies are prompting people to pay closer attention to their smile now more than ever. Just in time, a new treatment option is available to help whiten and brighten teeth. Dr. Spiker Davis described one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures during an interview with FOX 26 News. 

"We have the latest thing called ZOOM," says Dr. Davis. "It's been around a long time, but they came out with a new light and a new chemical, and a new formula, and it works much, much better. That's what we've been using. This speeds up the whole process, this light, we are able to place this device on the light -- this on the patients mouth to retract the lips, and all you have to do is lay there. We put on some little sunglasses to keep the bright lights out of your eyes. We shine the light on your mouth and paint the bleach on your teeth, and you just sit there for 15 minutes. Take a nap, listen to music, enjoy. We can do up to four or five sessions, 15 minutes at a time. After each session, we wipe it off, let you look, and ask if you want more. If you do want more, we go again until you're happy. It happens in one sitting, then we make trays that go in your mouth, and what you do in the office can be enhanced by the take-home trays. Everyone likes to drink tea, coffee, and wine are the top three and everybody does that! Anything that will stain a t-shirt will stain your teeth. We all go home, go back to our bad habits, so it (stained teeth) comes again, but that's where this helps a lot! Once a week, once a month, every 6 months, you put the tray back in and it keeps it white, like doing highlights in your hair. If you have sensitive teeth, this is by far the best system I've ever used, and so far since doing this the last six months, only one has had sensitivity and that was minor. So in general, no sensitivity is what I'm trying to say. It has come a long way, new chemical, new everything makes a big improvement."          

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