Lamar student could be tried as an adult in fellow student's death

The teen girl charged with murder in connection with the shooting death of a Lamar High School student could be tried as an adult. A hearing is underway at the Harris County Juvenile Courthouse.

The District Attorney's Office is attempting to certify the teenager as an adult. Here’s why.  

Prosecutors say the 16-year-old girl was a student at Lamar High School when she set up her classmate Delindsey Mack to be killed. The girl walked out of Lamar High with Mack and another girl that day in November 2018, leading Mack to his death, according to prosecutors. They say the girl’s boyfriend was in one gang and Mack had associates in another. Prosecuting attorneys say the girl worked with the rival gang members, befriending Mack who had a crush on her, texting with him and flirting with him for two weeks.

The morning of Mack’s murder, he even made a playful video with the girl in class but in court today this is what prosecutors say the girl was doing with her phone as she sat next to Mack in class.

They say Kendrick Johnson, the 19-year-old charged with murdering Mack, sent a text to the girl around 8 am saying, "Don't say it but what we talked about yesterday is still on".

"That's crazy because he's right next to me," the girl replies.  

"Don't betray me. Keep your mouth closed," Johnson goes on to say.

"Come on now. It's you over any of these (N Words)," she responds. 

Also shown in court today, a video of the girl being asked by an investigator, how did the shooter know where Mack was? She answers I told him where he would be. There was also a video played where Mack is laughing with the girl and he says, "Oh she touched me. If I end up dead we know who did it."

The hearing will continue Friday morning and the judge will decide if the teen will be tried as a juvenile or an adult.

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