Klein ISD whistleblower alleges retaliation over sex trafficking claims

A woman who says she blew the whistle on a fellow Klein ISD teacher claims she was retaliated against after giving information regarding an educator being involved in sex trafficking students.     

The former Klein ISD teacher is planning to file a lawsuit against the district after she says her own daughter was sex trafficked by a fellow teacher, and she says she ended up without a job after blowing the whistle.

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"This is almost an unbelievable story," says Attorney Harry Daniels, who represents the former Klein ISD teacher. The former teacher says she learned her colleague, a fellow Klein Cane High School teacher, was allegedly victimizing students when she says her own daughter was sex trafficked.  

Klein ISD Cosmetology teacher Kedria Grisby was arrested earlier this month, accused of running a sex trafficking ring with her son, Roger Magee.

Grisby appeared in court on Monday.      

Daniels says his client reported the ring in February 2023, and he says Grisby was still teaching in Klein ISD, and wasn't arrested until more than a year later, after a cell phone forensic report was finally read. 

"It has been reported the text messages are very incriminating against that teacher concerning transfer of money and things of that capacity, and reports of some young girls being assaulted," explains Daniels, who says a short time after reporting the sex trafficking his client, who he calls a hero, was given an ultimatum to quit Klein ISD or be fired. 

"We absolutely believe it's retaliation. She is brave, courageous. There are not enough adjectives in the English language to describe her actions," says Daniels.    

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In court Monday, Grisby's bond was lowered to $75,000 for each of the six counts she's charged with related to human trafficking. 

We reached out to Klein ISD regarding the retaliation accusations, but we haven't heard back yet.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office sent the following statement in response to the whistleblower saying the accused wasn’t arrested for a year after she reported the sex trafficking claims.  

"The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is the primary law enforcement agency responsible for investigating and successfully arresting Roger Magee and Kedria Grigsby for allegedly participating in pornography, prostitution, and trafficking. For months, multiple investigators worked to obtain evidence to support charges being filed. These types of cases are often nuanced and meticulous examination is required to meet the burden of proof required for an arrest. The Sheriff’s Office was not responsible for any administrative investigations conducted by the defendant’s former employer. The District Attorney’s Office was a key partner in the investigation and the Sheriff’s Office remains committed to assisting the prosecution team."