Harris County family demands arrest in Domestic Assault involving woman and child witness

A Harris County woman is seeking justice after she says she experienced a brutal attack and was strangled by her ex-husband, Rafael Enrique Macia Arevalo, while their young child watched in horror.

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"I totally thought I was going to die. I fought hard to survive," the woman told FOX 26.

In an interview with FOX 26 the woman described the terrifying episode where Arevalo allegedly broke into her home and violently assaulted her. During the attack, the victim said she was in and out of consciousness but recalled hearing her son pleading with his father to stop hurting her.

"I heard my son say ‘mommy where are you?’ but I thought I was hallucinating," the woman said.

The assault, which took place on March 16, left the woman with severe injuries and emotionally traumatized. 

"I told myself I’m going to be strong, I need to be strong, and find strength to fight for myself," the woman said.

The woman had been with Arevalo for 10 years and said he was always abusive, but she chose to stay because of her son; she wanted to keep her family together. 

Her family became alarmed when she did not show up for work, which led them to perform a welfare check and discover the aftermath of the abuse.


"It was a major shock to us. She was like a zombie. Bruised everywhere. She couldn’t even talk," Andrea Guevara, the victim's cousin told FOX 26.

Guevara expressed a determined commitment to seeking justice. A month after the incident, the family is still awaiting answers from the authorities.

"There’s no way I’m going to allow this to happen to my cousin. My cousin is going to get justice. We’re going to figure this out for her. Even if it takes all of our time and energy," Guevara said.

The woman wants her experience to serve as a wake-up call for women and young girls who find themselves in a relationship with red flags and told FOX 26 she has no words for Arevalo but believes in divine justice.


As for Guevara she wants Arevalo to know they're not afraid and are hoping to see him behind bars.

"Be sure that we are going to find you. We are not going to stop searching until we get justice for her," Guevara said.

The woman and her four-year-old son are in therapy.