Kingwood residents fear oil in city water supply

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Those who live close to the San Jacinto river in Kingwood found themselves inundated with high water today.

The river spilled over its banks leaving some parts of Hamblin Road and the Northshore area impassable or just tough to maneuver.

Dozens of people who live in townhomes were also trapped by the flood.

Meanwhile, those who actually live on the San Jacinto river in Kingwood are concerned about a dark oily substance that has washed on to their properties.

It's what local attorney John Boudreaux says is a spill or leak from nearby oil wells across the river from his home.
Boudreaix says he's concerned because the river feeds into Lake Houston, which is the city's drinking water supply.

We placed calls to the Texas Railroad Commission and the City of Houston. The Public Works department believes the oil substance may be from an overturned fuel tank that was cleaned up Tuesday.

However,  Boudreaux says that spill occurred downstream from his home and he's believes it's being caused by oil wells.

So far we have not heard back from the Railroad Commission.