Kevin Kline runs up and over a Alaska mountain on Day 4 of Delivering Hope Run

A huge update on 93 Q's Kevin Kline's "Delivering Hope Run"!

He and his crew made it through the most difficult day of his nine-day journey.

On day four, he completed running 35 miles up and over a mountain, along the most dangerous highway in the country, the Dalton Highway in Alaska. 

He was able to pull off the arduous journey in 10 hours and 15 minutes.

How is it even possible to run up an icy mountain that quickly?

Kline has special spikes on his shoes.

"You just screw them into eight or 10 places around the bottom of the shoe, so you don't slip. I actually ran there in December on a sheet of ice and never slipped once!  When you have eight extra pounds of stuff on your back, you need it lightest shoe possible," Kline said.

His heavy backpack is filled with almost 2,000 names of pediatric cancer fighters.

Kevin is trying to raise $200,000 during his journey through his "Snowdrop Foundation" to help fight pediatric cancer. He still has about $65,000 to make that goal, and we sure hope he pulls it off.

You can follow his journey and find out how to help here