Katy residents vote to sell naming rights for new stadium

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THE SURVEY SAYS! Sell the name! That's right, Katy ISD's new $62 Million stadium will be named for a corporate sponsor.

Monday night the school district revealed findings from its recent survey. About 5,600 people filled out the survey, and 57% of those approved looking for a corporate sponsor.

Katy ISD School Board President, Rebecca Fox, says what happens next is up to a committee.

"We're going to look for community leaders, business leaders, faith based people, and bond committee parent volunteers will be on our committee," Fox told us.

Ms. Fox says the stadium name committee will look at the options and compare offers. But from the survey, Katy ISD residents say the district should be looking for at least $2M for a 10 year deal.

"Two million was the value we heard the most," Fox said, "and I think the committee will look for what the market will bear."

Rebecca Fox says the money will go into Katy ISD's general operating fund. Right into the classrooms to help students. But the price tag isn't the only consideration.

Not all companies would be considered suitable. Also, a splashy versus discrete sponsorship could also be a factor.

"I believe the committee, because it's reflective of our community's values, will look at all of those options," Fox said. "They'll also look at what other districts have done."

At least 6 other Texas high schools have sold stadium naming rights. Most are named after banks like the one in Cy-Fair ISD. It's named for the Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union (FCU), which recently agreed to $1.5M for 10 years.
What's the $62M Allen ISD stadium called? Well, that's called Eagle Stadium, but that district has sold several smaller corporate sponsorships that's benefiting the school district by as much as a half million dollars per year.
Once Katy ISD's Naming Rights Committee starts meeting, its findings and the topics being considered will be disclosed to the general public through the board of trustees.

"We'll see that in board meetings," Fox said. "It will also be communicated in e-news, the school board website, and through social media."

The school district expects there will be a decision by the end of the year.