Katy residents finally return home for holidays after Harvey damage

A few months ago, Lisa Clawson's home had several inches of water in it, all left from the torrential downpour of rain caused by Hurricane Harvey.

"I had my grandparents furniture that I had for years that had to be thrown out, so sentimental things like that were very hard to get ride of," says Clawson.

After months of restoration, gutting their home and living upstairs, they once again are able to sit on the couch in their living room, watch TV and hang ornaments on their Christmas tree.

"We were able to get our furniture in and move in and start hanging things up and kind of getting back to some sort of normalcy," says Clawson.

At another house in the same neighborhood, Angela and Michael Hines are finally able to return to their homes. Their time is now spent unpacking boxes and getting the house ready for their kids who are able to come home from college.

"It's amazing, it's a little sentimental and hard to see because my neighbors are still not back in their homes," says Hines.

The Hines were able to save a few heirlooms kept in their attic, but most items you see in their home are now new.

Both families say that being able to truly return home for the holidays is a true blessing.

"Now its starting to feel more like the holidays and that's the best Christmas present ever is being back in or house," says Clawson.

The two families also received free Christmas trees and ornaments from Trees of Hope, a nonprofit started by a couple in Katy, aimed at bringing joy to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.