Katy high school fight being investigated by authorities

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A Katy ISD students is seriously injured in an after school fight Tuesday, that the Harris County Sheriff's Office now confirms is being investigated.

The fight was captured on video tape and concern is spreading in the Katy community because of its unusually violent nature.

Fox 26 downloaded the video from the YouTube channel and started looking into the incident because it was evident serious injuries were involved. One student, shirtless, is throw to the ground and his face is stomped on two or three times. By the end of the video, the person recording the fight on a cell phone, gets and up-close look at the student on the ground. You can see the student's bloodied face and he appears to be unconscious.

Katy ISD says the fight was between two Taylor High school students, after school hours, and just off school property.

According to the school district's statement, administrators have been in contact with the student's parents and have confirmed the injuries were non-life threatening. But students we talked to outside Taylor High Thursday, who said they knew the injured student, said he had a broken jaw and a concussion.

Katy ISD indicated the incident was being investigated by the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Up until our 5 pm broadcast, the sheriff's department had found no record of the investigation. Since then, Harris County has been able to fill in only a few details.

Deputies says the case has been characterize preliminarily as "Simple Assault." They list a 17-year-old complainant (the shirtless student left laying on the ground), and a 19-year-old suspect who appears to be stomping or kicking the 17-year-old.

Deputies say the fight may have started as a mutually agreed upon event, but at some point an aggressor emerged when the one individual kicked the other who was laying on the ground. Whether the actions of the 19-year-old warrant a criminal charged will be determined by the Harris County District Attorney.

Katy ISD says both individuals involved in the fight are being disciplined under the guidelines of the student code of conduct.