'I’ve been screaming, I’m scared,' says mother of Diamond Alvarez

The teen charged with killing his ex-girlfriend by shooting her 22 times is back out on bond after some confusion over his ankle monitor.

A judge decided Thursday that 17-year-old Frank DeLeon's bond can continue to be reinstated.

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The decision causing, the victim 16-year-old Diamond Alvarez’s brother, to lunge at DeLeon in court. He was later escorted out. 

"I'm mad, I’m angry. He’s laughing at all of this, it’s a joke," said Anna Machado, Diamond’s mother. "I’ve been screaming for my safety, I’ve been screaming. I’m scared."

The Alvarez’s family say they live in fear, because DeLeon lives less than two minutes away.

A hearing was held Thursday to clear confusion on whether DeLeon violated his bond conditions by breaking curfew. 

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He was initially out on a $250,000 bond, but was sent back on April 18 after accusations surfaced that he broke the conditions. 

Diamond Alvarez was shot dead in southwest Houston in January. DeLeon was arrested charged with her murder. 

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FOX 26 reached out to the attorney representing DeLeon, Mr. Joaquin Jimenez. He says quote:

"Sentinel is the GPS company tasked with monitoring defendants. In this case, they told the judge that they couldn’t rely on a report that alleged a bond violation. "