Investigators search for more victims of suspected pimp

Investigators are looking for more women who may have been forced into prostitution by 43-year-old Mark Anthony Cole of Houston.

They want those victims to know Cole is being held at the Harris County jail without bond and won’t get out anytime soon.

Last week, Cole was arrested as part of 6-week undercover operation. Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen says the investigation began by chance.

“He ran into one of our undercover officers and bragged about making $30,000 a week running girls is the way he said it,” explained Rosen.

According to investigators, on Wednesday Cole brought 13 adult women to a high end hotel in Houston for what he thought was a bachelor party.

“The vice division said that’s the most [women] they’ve seen come to any single hotel room,” Rosen added.

Cole reportedly offered sex with women for $1,500. That fee included drugs.

Rosen called Cole a career criminal who used violence to control his victims.

Cole is charged with aggravated promotion of prostitution, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, and two counts of delivery of a controlled substance. He’s at the Harris County Jail without bond.

Kathy Griffin with Rosen’s office and survivor of human trafficking works to provide support programs to survivors. She says she spoke to all 13 of the women with Cole.

“We have to go in and see and evaluate exactly what it is that needs are for each one of the victims who now become survivors,” Griffin said.

She wants victims to know it is safe to come forward.

"I’m gonna tell you like this, he ain’t getting out because some of the crimes that this man has committed deserve nothing but incarceration for a very long time," she told FOX 26.

Anyone with information on Cole or his victims, should call 713-755-7618.

The operation involved multiple law enforcement agencies -- Rosen's office, Houston Police Vice Division and Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance, and the Harris County District Attorney's Office Human Trafficking Division.