'In God We Trust' on the Back of Coweta County Patrol Cars

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Most drivers try to avoid police cars and never quite get a good look at them.  Along with the agency there are reminders to buckle up and call 911 for emergency help.

Coweta County Sheriff’s cars have a new sticker that has gotten mostly praise from the residents there.  It reads: “In God We Trust.”

“When you’ve got an overwhelming majority your staff saying this is what we want, we are going to go with that,” Sheriff Mike Yeager said.  “And I think more than any other time in lives or in this world, we need that.”

The sheriff said he asked his deputies and they wanted it.  Even those who drove unmarked cars have asked for the sticker.  But the sheriff says they will put the “In God We Trust” stickers from the DMV on the license plates of the unmarked cars.

The sheriff said the stickers are a reflection of the beliefs of a majority of his staff and the community he serves.

One woman on the Newnan town square told FOX 5: “In God we trust, that’s where all our trusts should be.”  Another said: “You know, deeply rooted in faith that’s what we are.”

The sheriff told FOX 5 he’s not going to apologize for his relationship with God and said he can’t think of a better time in our society then now to express the sentiments.