Illegal boarding home shut down in Katy, HCSO says it's one of the worst cases they've seen in some time

FOX 26 is looking deeper into unlicensed boarding homes in Harris County after a recent discovery forced officials to remove nine people living in unsuitable conditions.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office telling us, it was one of the worst cases they’ve seen in some time.

"There was backed-up sewage inside the house," said Deputy Chief Chad Shaw of the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office.

Shaw also telling FOX 26 on Friday, there was one restroom that was not usable with feces on the floor and all around the toilet, and the sink in the kitchen also was backed-up.

An aware county deputy with precinct 5 noticed the signs of the illegal boarding home, which is located off of the 500 block of Walworten Court. The Fire Marshal's Office, along with other agencies, were called in.


Nine residents living inside of the home at the time were taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

"The AC were out," said Shaw. "We used thermometers and calculated the temperature inside to be anywhere from 83 to 90 degrees."

The deputy chief tells us, the residents were elderly and disabled. They were officially removed from home and placed by Adult Protective Services.

"All were paying rent to be there. As we interviewed them, they had some expectation to be receiving some type of care," said Shaw.

A temporary restraining order has been placed on the facility, meaning the home can no longer facilitate as a boarding home until issues are addressed.

"Anytime when we contact the County Attorney’s Office to do a temporary restraining order, it definitely has to be a severe situation."


With a noticeable rise in these unlicensed and illegal boarding homes, Harris County through the Commissioners Court, passed new regulations as of March 1, 2021.

"We utilize the Texas Boarding Home model standards as our guide for what we inspect for, and what is required to be inside of these homes to take care of the residents."

Harris County Sheriff Office Boarding Home Detail processes, issues, investigates, suspends, revokes and/or denies these permits.

The Fire Marshal's Office conducts inspections of the facility before the permits are granted.