Husband, wife graduate together from Texas Southern University

Leo and Amber Newman have set the bar high for married couples in the Houston area. They are the first married couple to obtain masters degrees at the same time from Texas Southern University, all while raising two children.

The couple tells FOX 26 News that it wasn't easy and was a sacrifice for the entire family trying to find a balance between the children, after school activities and attending college. The Newmans, who started dating in 2000, have always done things together, from attending the same high school to serving overseas in the military while they worked for the Department of Defense. When they both wanted to pursue an executive masters degree in public administration, it made sense to do it together.

Amber tells FOX 26 News, "I remember nights we would sit at the table altogether even with our kids and just do homework all together and that's just something that my kids will never forget and they will reflect on and they'll understand the importance of hard work."

As for the future, they both plan on taking a small break from school to devote time to their children, but both want to return to complete their doctorate degrees. Leo says that they "never try to take the easy way out and I tell any young man any young lady don't never take the easy way out always take the hard way out because at the end of the day the benefit is greater."