Husband and wife robbed at Rockdale County church

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The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office is trying to find a man who robbed a husband and wife at a local church.

"The robber, he didn't really steal much, he just kind of stole more of that sense of safety and security," said Reverend Zack Martin with Crossroads United Methodist Church.

Rev. Martin said the husband and wife were robbed of their wallets when they left the church two Saturdays ago around eight at night. He said the two victims were leaving the church after preparing for Sunday services the following day when they were surprised as they got to their car.

"He just kind of surprised them as they were getting into their car and within 10 seconds, basically pointed a rifle at them, demanded the wallets and he ran back the way he came," said Martin.

Investigators said the robber got away in a 1997 to 2000 Lexus ES or LS with a sunroof, the license plate number is unknown. Investigators are trying to determine if the man had targeted the church. Reverend Martin has his doubts.

"I don't think he knew the area. It's just kind of a crime of opportunity I believe," said Reverend Martin.

Derrick Barnett who lives in a new subdivision nearby said he is concerned about the robber on the loose.

"I would turn him in without a moment’s notice and hopefully he'll be caught really soon," said Barnett.

Those are the sentiments of the sheriff's office and the man of the cloth who heads up the congregation at Crossroads United Methodist Church. But his has a tone of forgiveness.

"I'd be open to talking to him if he's ever caught because I want him to ultimately be restored to be the man I think God intends him to be," said Reverend Martin.

He said the husband and wife who were robbed are physically ok but emotionally shaken. Reverend Martin believes the robber did not know the area because if he had been casing out the church he would have likely seen that Rockdale County Sheriff Deputies use its parking lot on a regular basis for paperwork.