HPD officer Gerald Goines under new investigation

The letters are already going out, letters telling lawyers that their clients cases have been put on hold pending the outcome of further investigations. One of those letters went to the lawyer for Derrick Turner and his brother couldn't be happier.

"It actually feels good to see justice be pursued the right way. That's big ups to the DA." said Anthony Turner.

Goines is now under a criminal and an FBI civil rights investigation. That's why DA Kim Ogg wants to review all fourteen-hundred of his closed cases plus 27-active ones.

"We can get there with the staffing that we have. It's just going to take longer and I think most people in Harris County want the cases resolved now. I know the public trust demands it."  Said Ogg.

She's going to ask the Commissioners Court for money to hire five more lawyers and investigators. The court recently denied her request for additional funding.  Meanwhile there's no telling at this point where these case reviews will go and how long they will take, but there are some people that are happy that at least they're happening..

"He needs to stand in front of a judge and see what it's like to really stand in front of a judge." said Turner.