HPD Chief promises thorough investigation into Astroworld tragedy

In a press conference Wednesday, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner promised a thorough investigation into Friday’s deadly tragedy at Astroworld Festival.

"I can promise you one thing, my team, we’re going to be laser-focused on investigating the facts," said Finner.

As Travis Scott performed, more than 50,000 concertgoers surged towards the stage.

"Just imagine being bear-hugged in a sauna," said Brandon Nguyen. "That’s how I felt in that crowd. [I was] literally squeezed in with people pushing around."

Eight people were killed, several others injured. So far, dozens of people have filed lawsuits against the performers and event promoters.


"I’ve just never witnessed anything like that," said Nguyen. "I’ve never feared for my safety at any festival until this festival happened."

Hours before the festival even began, some fans jumped fences and ripped through security.

"I believe they could have stopped it there," said Nguyen.

"I don’t think that’s fair [if we had canceled the concert early], to those individuals who paid a lot of money to get in," said Finner.

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Independent investigators released new images from the venue’s concrete pit area on Wednesday. According to their report, the venue was too small and compact for the festival’s large crowd.

"We owe it to the city and to our nation, we need to learn lessons from this," said Finner.

"They’re investigating," said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. "Their role is to investigate from the beginning to the end. Look at everything. There are some basic questions [that need to be answered regarding] what happened."

THE VICTIMS: What we know about the 8 lives lost in the Astroworld tragedy

As of Wednesday evening, two of the injured concertgoers remain hospitalized in critical condition. 

"My number one goal is providing as much support and encouragement to these families," said Turner.