HPD Chief Finner involved in 2018 email using 'suspended lack of personnel' code

An email obtained by FOX 26 shows Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner involved in a conversation regarding the suspended "lack of personnel code" back in 2018.

Finner was included in an email chain regarding a road rage incident marked with the code by a senior officer despite there being leads to follow the case. At the time of the email, Finner was the Executive Assistant Chief over Patrol Operations.

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In the email response, Finner calls the lack of investigation "unacceptable" and directs officers to follow up on the case.

Since the investigation into the "lack of personnel" code, Finner has said repeatedly he was unaware the close existed until 2021.

Chief Finner claimed in a recent tweet he has "no recollection" of the email and it was included in the internal investigation. "I have always been truthful and have never set out to mislead anyone about anything, including this investigation," he said. 

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In his statement, he also says though the phrase "suspended lack of personnel" was mentioned in the 2018 email, nothing alerted him of its existence as a code or how it was used within the department.

Recently, Finner announced that HPD has concluded its internal affairs investigation. During this review, there have been 54 charges filed and nearly two dozen arrests.