HPD Chief Finner: All 4,017 sex crime incidents reviewed, charges filed

Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner reports all 4,017 suspended adult sex crime incident reports have been reviewed more than a week after his previous update on the investigation.

On Thursday, the chief gave a lengthy statement update on X where he stated out of all the reviewed cases, 3,462 have been "cleared, suspended or inactivated, mostly due to no additional leads." The remaining incidents are continuing to be investigated.

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HPD previously reported they discovered 95 reports had DNA hits in the CODIS, according to the Houston Forensic Science Center, but one of those incidents did not involve a CODIS hit. Fourteen of those matched were connected to 14 suspects incarcerated for separate crimes.

Nearly 92,000 of the 264,000 suspected incident reports have been reviewed and around 30,000 of those reviews were properly suspended but given the incorrect code of "lack of personnel."

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According to Chief Finner, 34 charges have been filed on 27 suspects for violent crimes such as aggravated assault, while most were misdemeanor charges.

Full statement from Houston Police Chief Troy Finner (Courtesy of Houston Police Department via Twitter)

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HPD gave the following, more detailed number update, on the progress of the suspended incidents so far

  • 4,017 of 4,017 Adult sec crimes reports reviewed
  • 399 forensic interviews scheduled with survivors
  • 1,767 officer visits to the last known address of the victim
  • 91,824 of 264,000 Department-wide incident report reviewers
  • More than one-third of all reports have been reviewed in 8 weeks time

If you have questions about any previous incident report you filed with HPD, email us specialvictimsreport@houstonpolice.org or call us at 713-308-1180.