How to find a workout that fits your personality

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Adryane Phillips found her perfect workout fit, 3 years ago, inspired by a buddy.

"I had a friend who I was watching slim down,” says Phillips. “She was melting away."

That friend pointed Phillips to Live Now USA Health and Wellness coach Stan Maddox, who helped Phillips discover a workout she loves walking.

"It's the easiest thing to start out with,” she says. “Because when you start talking about working out, most people are like, ‘Ugh!’ they don't want to do it!  But, walking is something you can easily do, just put on some tennis shoes and go."

Phillips now walks with her mother through their neighborhood.  It gives her a good workout and a chance to talk to her mom about their day. She’s been at it for three years now.

Coach Stan says to find the right workout groove for you, think about what makes you happy, what you really enjoy.

"It is very important,” he says. “It is very important, because what you want to create is something that you like to do."

Start by thinking about your personality.

“You might be an introvert,” says Maddox. “And, if you are an introvert, I would probably suggest solo Pilates."

Or you could run, walk, or swim, all great solo sports.

If you're the opposite and crave company, you're probably an extrovert.

"If you are an extrovert,” Coach Stan says, “I would suggest you actually join a fitness group."

The more outgoing you are, the better you'll enjoy group fitness classes, or maybe a running group, where you can sweat and connect.

"Now, you may be an aggressive personality,” says Coach Stan.  “If you are that, I would suggest join some combat sports; you could potentially do that."

If you like more competitive sports, try strength training, boxing or martial arts.

Because, Coach Stan, says what fits sticks.

“You want to create something, or actually be in a position to where you're doing something, that you will continually want to be a part of,” he says.  “You definitely don't want to be in a situation where, if you like kickboxing, then why are you walking? If you like kickboxing, then go hit something!"