How to create good social posts as a brand

Brands want consumers to think of them. They want to stay on the top of consumers' minds, so they come up with interesting ways to market themselves on social media.

Steak-umm hit gold when the man who runs their social media account went on a rant on Twitter.





Anchor Kaitlin Monte spoke to the person responsible for the tweets. 

"We're not trying to 'steak' a claim in any specific party. We're not trying to be polarizing. We're trying to get people away from that. We're really trying to, you know, offer up commentary, offer up cultural critiques," says Nathan Allebach, Steak-umm's social media manager. "For a lot with Twitter, so much of it has been stream of conscience and shooting from the hip and like really trying to cultivate some kind of community online."

"I think what really is going to be the future of advertising is more transparent," Allebach says. "You can't teach someone to be authentic at a seminar, you have to be authentic. So I think companies, you know, really need to take that extra step to hire people that represent them, who believe in what they are doing, and have personal convictions and can actually put forth fresh ideas."