How you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a home invasion

A homeowner in Northwest Harris County shot and killed an intruder.

It happened 8:30 pm on Tuesday in the 10500 block of Keeneland Lane. 

According to investigators, a man in his 20s forced his way into the home through the back door. A husband and wife were home. The husband fired a gun. The intruder was pronounced dead at the scene. 


"Totally unexplained. The suspect is not recognized by the homeowner," said Captain Joe Ambriz with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. 

Once the investigation is finished, the HCSO will send their findings to a grand jury. The grand jury will decide if the homeowner should face charges.

Tips to prevent a home invasion

Senior Officer Kenneth Miles with the Houston Police Department has four tips to lessen your chance of being a victim of a home invasion.

First, he recommends getting security cameras. Second, he says keep shrubbery around your home trimmed and well-kept. 

"If you have a lot of shrubbery and landscaping that's blocking your windows, it's also stopping neighbors from seeing who is around your house as they approach," Miles noted. 

Third, he adds make sure your exterior lights work. 

"You want to make sure the porch light and all the lighting around it is clear. It [should] also cover open spaces so it doesn't create any dead pocket space," he explained.

Finally, he says invest in a sturdy door and install a striking plate and a deadbolt lock.

"Some people have just the door knobs with the locks on the back and they also have a window right by the door knob, so if they break the window they can unlock it," Miles told FOX 26.


As for what to do if you believe someone is breaking into your home, Miles hopes you have an alarm system.

"With a panic button. But the things about alarms that some people just don't realize, you also have to get a permit, whether it be the City of Houston or a Harris County permit or whatever county that you live in," he stated.

As for taking matters into your own hands, Miles cautions that comes with responsibility and consequences.

"Just keep this in mind, whether you have a permit or not, whether you have a shotgun, a handgun, once those bullets start flying, you can be held responsible for wherever they land," he warned.