How do your job perks compare to tech companies?

You’ve heard about the lavish perks people who work at tech companies enjoy - but which are the absolute best?

KTVU FOX 2 News surveyed Bay Area tech companies to find out how they hook, and keep, their top employees.

Uber offers a gym reimbursement, and a cafeteria with coffee, juice and a beer tap. A beer tap at work? Good thing employees are also showered with Uber credits.

Airbnb offers travel perks, of course. Employees receive a $500 coupon every quarter to stay at any Airbnb listing worldwide. So they get to connect with the host community, and get a nice vacation at the same time.

The file hosting service lets its users access their files from anywhere, and their employees at the HQ can work from anywhere in their Creative Collaborative Workspace. There are “deep focus" rooms, a library, a coffee shop and even a music lounge.

Twitter offers meditation rooms, free yoga classes and on tap Kombucha. Now that’s something to tweet about!

Facebook helps you connect with friends and family, and that’s also a focus of some employee perks. New moms and dads get four months of fully paid parental leave, plus a $4,000 “new child” benefit.

At Roku, which produces a streaming media player, there are discounts on their devices, and of course, employees can watch TV while at work.

Amazing perks, and amazing that anyone gets any work done at all.