Houston storm: Houstonians grapple with lingering power outages, Centerpoint surpasses a restoration goal

As Houstonians continue to grapple with the aftermath of a recent storm that swept through the area, the question on many minds remains: when will the power be restored?

Nearly a week after the storm's passage, concerns about power restoration linger among residents, particularly in the Heights area. FOX 26 visited the neighborhood on Tuesday night to assess the ongoing restoration efforts and gauge how residents are coping with the prolonged heatwave.

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Molly Boyd, a resident in the affected area near North Durham and West 25th Streets, expressed relief at the sight of power crews. 

"My heart's happy," Boyd remarked. "It's been tough, but I'm blessed. I have a generator and an AC unit in a bedroom window with my dogs."

Others in the community have resorted to various measures to endure the heat, including sitting in their cars during the hottest part of the day and seeking cooler accommodations overnight. Sharon Hernandez was observed walking a portable fan to assist a senior resident nearby. 

"We've just got to help each other as much as we can," Hernandez said.

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Despite the challenges, neighbors are striving to remain patient, recognizing the monumental task facing power crews. Centerpoint reported Tuesday night that more than 90% of customers impacted by last week's storm have their power restored - surpassing the goal set for the day. They also tell us that replacing each light pole can take hours, contributing to the delay in restoration efforts. 

Addressing public concerns, Centerpoint acknowledged discrepancies in the accuracy of addresses displayed with or without power. They issued an apology for any inconvenience caused and encouraged residents to enroll in their power alert services for timely updates.