Houstonians going 'Over The Edge' of 30-story building to support Camp For All

Starting Saturday morning, dozens of Houstonians will spend the day rappelling from the 30th floor of the Woodlands Tower to raise money for Camp For All, which was founded in 1993 to create a unique camping experience for children and adults with illnesses and disabilities.

"Cancer, cardiac, renal, HIV, down syndrome, lost limbs, cognitive issues, I can go on and on," explained Pat Sorrells, President & CEO of Camp For All. 

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Camp For All partners with more than 60 non-profit organizations to create the ultimate camp experience catered to the specific needs of those attending, most campers attend free of charge and events like over the edge is what makes that possible. 

"They find hope, they realize they’re not alone" Sorrells said. 

Marisela Pena tells FOX 26, her granddaughter suffers from severe epilepsy, and for the past three years she’s attended Camp For All. 

"When she goes there, she gets a chance to do normal things, that other kids do that she doesn’t get to do."

And this year, Marisela is going ‘Over The Edge’ to support her granddaughter and other people who need this camping experience. 

"It puts a lot of smiles on these kids’ faces, I've seen it. I've gone to drop her off and when they get there, they get treated like movie stars," she said. 


Each person, who signs up to rappel, has to raise $1,500 in order to participate, a number that many people are far exceeding. 

"We haven’t reached our goal yet, we’re hoping to get $150,000, and we’re at about $120,000 right now," said Sorrells. 

People who would like participate have until Friday morning to register and raise the money. Camp For All also accepts direct donations, click here for more information.