Houston woman's house floods due to busted pipe

A Houston woman is facing yet another disaster, this time, because of the freezing temperatures that led to a busted pipe in her home.

"I really can't believe this happened. Again. I got to go through all of this again," said Mary Siddiqui as water poured onto the main floor of the home she's lived in since 2009.

Siddiqui's home was also damaged during Harvey.

"Fixing everything here and this is what I got, a busted pipe in the house," said a tearful Siddiqui.

The weather was apparently too cold for the copper lines in Siddiqui's ceiling, busting some time on Wednesday while she was gone.

"And I came back about 3-something and this was going on," said Siddiqui.

Water pouring from above and with no plans of stopping. Not sure what to do, Siddiqui called 9-1-1 and says the fire department responded and attempted to turn off the water. They then told Mary to spend the night somewhere else because it wasn't safe for her to stay.

"But when I got back here this morning, the water was still on. Still going on in the house," said Siddiqui.

We were there when the Houston Fire Department returned to check on the water dumping onto Siddiqui's main floor, now flooded by a couple of inches, making a bigger mess for a lady who thought the worst was over when Harvey left.

"I can't believe it," said Siddiqui. "This happened to me."

This time the water was turned off, but after nearly 24 hours of a nonstop deluge, Siddiqui has another disaster to clean up.

"So I'm going to have to take myself a little break and go somewhere because this is too much overwhelming here," said Siddiqui. Fortunately, insurance has already said they'll help.