Houston Texans jersey exchange program for 4 days at 44% off

The Houston Texans are phasing out an old era of Texans football with a jersey exchange program.

Texans president, Greg Grissom, says fans have been begging for this program for a while, and it's finally happening.

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Franchise players J.J. Watt, Deandre Hopkins, and Deshaun Watson all departed from the team in the past two years.


  • Fans can exchange select NFL licensed Texans player jerseys 
  • Jerseys eligible for exchange include Texans players initially acquired during the 2017–2021 seasons who are no longer on the Texans' roster. 
  • Fans receive 44% off on Texans players currently on the roster

The program is for four days. The dates include Monday, October 10-15 from 10am-5:30pm at the team shop at NRG Stadium.

Grissom says that the program being during the team's bye week gives fans time to reset.

The Texans gained their first win of the season Sunday against division-rival Jacksonville Jaguars. The team is currently 1-3-1.