COVID-19 test requirement reversed at Houston apartment complex following FOX 26 investigation

FOX 26 investigated after tenants at a North Houston apartment complex reached out to us with their concerns after returning home to find flyers on their doors.

On the flyer, it informed residents that on Saturday technicians will be on location to administer required COVID-19 testing. 


"She’s a day late and a dollar short," said Joshua Weilbacher, a tenant at the complex. 

After making numerous calls, it is indeed illegal under the Fair Housing Act. Federal law prohibits landlords from mandating COVID-19 testing it states: 

"Asking for information about the nature of a communicable disease, like COVID-19, or asking for evidence about exposure or test results before allowing a prospective tenant to reside on the premises, will generally violate the Act."


"I have no problem taking the test, but I was very passionate about it, because I’m not a sheep, and I’m not just going to lay down," said Weilbacher. 

FOX 26 spoke with the landlord over the phone Friday, she tells us it was a mistake, and they will not be requiring the test. And it will be optional come Saturday. 

"If it was a mistake, I’ll chalk it up to that," said Weilbacher. "Thank y'all for your help. I do appreciate it."